Paediatric Footcare

Paediatric Footcare

Child and adolescent foot care are essential in the growing foot and at the first signs of pain/foot pathology, a child should be assessed. With growth comes to a variety of pathologies that can have a lasting effect on the child’s adult foot position and correction should be addressed at an early stage.


Orthotics in Children

Orthotic devices are effective in the treatment of children with foot deformities. Most podiatrists recommend that children with such deformities be placed in orthotics soon after they start walking, to stabilize the foot. The devices can be placed directly into a standard shoe or an athletic shoe.

Usually, the orthotics need to be replaced when the child’s foot has grown two sizes. Different types of orthotics may be needed as the child’s foot develops and changes shape.

The length of time a child needs orthotics varies considerably, depending on the seriousness of the deformity and how soon correction is addressed.

Appropriate footwear is essential in the growing foot to support and cushion your child’s feet. Your podiatrist at The Foot Pod can advise you on the best footwear for your child.